0x00: Genesis

There's a gap between people who enjoy computers and people who adore computers. A gap between people who use them and people who are fanatic of them. Accidentally or not I happened to fall in the last group. I just can't deny it, I belong to this. I belong to this and even thought I can't understand how or why this started, I know I got here. Some say curiosity got us here; I don't know, sounds sensible.

Anyhow, matter of the fact is we need to keep exploring, digging, wandering and meandering around to feed our thirst. Some people called this new breed of explorers hackers, what a curious word this is...Enemy of some, idols of many. So many definitions of this term make me avoid it's usage. Sharing is perhaps one of the defining factors of today's internet, as such, I'll make this little site my new home. People that already know me know that I'm not a big fan of nowadays so called "web 2.0" explosion, content is good as long as it's quality is great; putting shit in large piles won't change its filthy origin.

I'm a terrible person regarding my archiving capabilities, I get bored enough of things once I understand them that I don't bother to save them for future ocasions. Perhaps publishing all my ramblings in this format might make them last a little longer. The purpose of this blog is dual: In one hand it'll help to feel the void in my archive. In the other hand, since I'm quite a beginner in the areas this site will hopefully follow in the future, might be useful for anybody else coming along. Of course, any comments are welcome as long as they're well intended.

Whatever the reason that brought us here is, I'll kick off this Genesis with a couple of what I feel are *MUST* for vulnerability research and exploit development. Among these references I include a couple of books that enlightened my way and some exploitme-like challenges to get your kicks.

  • The Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson.
  • Shellcoder's Handbook by Chris Anley, John Heasman, Felix Linder and Gerardo Richarte.
  • gera's Insecure Programming page. LINK
That's it for today, keep feeding yourselves with more NOPs!